When You Arrive

Studio Access

We are looking forward to hosting you at LightBox Lexington. Here are details and information about your rental.

The studio is located at 2331 Fortune Drive, Suite 240 in Lexington, KY 40509. The main entrance of the building is facing Fortune Drive. Once you enter the building, you will immediately see Suite #240 and the frosted glass front door to the studio. The access keypad is located on the back door of the studio, which is located inside the building. You can get to the back entrance by following the hallway around the corner and then take the first left after the restrooms and continue down the back hall. Use the keypad to access the key to unlock the back entrance.

Arrival Insutrctions

Entry to the studio is located down the hall at the back of the building

To activate the lockbox, place your palm on the middle of the keypad. Next, type in your access code (emailed separately) and press the lock icon in the middle to unlock the keybox.  Pull the front panel of the lockbox down to access the key inside.

Use the key to unlock the back door and then immediately place back inside the keybox. This is very important as the back door locks automatically and you do not want to get locked out. If the keypad starts beeping after you’ve closed the box, it is unable to lock. Try shutting the keybox again. Once inside, you are welcome to unlock the front door, just be sure to lock it back when you leave.


To activate, place your palm on the middle of the keypad. Next, type in your access code and press the lock icon in the middle to unlock the keybox.

Studio Usage

Please show up promptly at your scheduled reservation time. Be sure to consider setup, tear down and clean up time when booking your reservation. No extra time will be granted for setting up or taking down equipment or cleaning the space. If you go over your allotted reservation time, a $100 late fee will be assessed.

You will have complete and private access to the studio space as well as the furnishings, accessories and props. Please do not drag furniture around the studio space, instead lift or use the furniture sliders provided.

Please enjoy the complementary coffee, but drinks in the mini fridge are not included with your rental.  You are welcome to bring your own drinks to stock the fridge if that is something you would like to offer to your clients.     

Please review our complete list of studio policies and restrictions prior to your rental.

Studio Policies


Please be considerate of other businesses in our building and keep your music volume down at all times. We share walls with our neighboring businesses and loud music will not be tolerated.

Clean Up

When you are finished, the studio should be cleaned up and furniture returned to its proper place. All trash should be placed in the trash cans provided. Please do not throw away food or diapers in the studio trash cans. Any items that do not fit in the trash cans provided should be placed in the dumpster outside of the studio.

Cleaning supplies are located in the cabinet under the TV.  A vacuum and Swiffer mop are located in the back closet.  Please do your best to help us keep the white floors clean by wiping up any scuff marks and sweeping up any debris.

A cleaning fee of $100.00 will be assessed if the studio is not left neat and tidy in the same condition it was found in.


No candles, open flames, smoke machines, or smoking is permitted on the Premises. No animals are permitted other than service animals or written requests approved by the studio manager. No nails, pins or tape on the walls or floors. No loud music. The following are not allowed at any time unless with written permission from the studio manager: glitter, sand, confetti, cake smash sessions, nail polish, paint or anything that will stain the floors, walls or furnishings. No sitting or standing on counters or tables. Renter agrees that the number of people permitted on the premises shall not exceed the number specified at booking.

Check Out

When exiting the studio, please remember to turn off all lights, make sure all doors are locked and secure and return the key to the lockbox. Please do not adjust the thermostat.

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions or need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We can be reached via phone or text at 859-321-0402.

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We can’t wait to see what you create at LightBox Lexington.  Share and Tag us at @lightbox_lexington and #lightboxlex on instagram!

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